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Hello, I'm Mark.  I want to start off by telling you about an experience I had recently.  I was in the drive-thru of a local fast food restaurant getting ready to order when the voice on the other end asked me if I was having a good day.  I thought it was a little odd, but responded with the usual.  I paid at the first window, where the employee smiled and told me he appreciated the exact change.  I pulled up to the second window and it opened immediately.  Figuring my food was ready I started to stick my hands out of the car.  Instead of food, I got another smiling employee letting me know it would be right up.  She didn't close the window right away to avoid the customer, but rather asked me if there was anything else I needed.  What is the point of this story?  I have been to dozens of locations of this fast food chain and every time the building looks the same, the meal costs the same and the food tastes the same, but because of the truly outstanding and unexpected customer service I received, I will now only go to one (unless I'm out of town and in a pinch).  

Sometimes the only thing you can offer better than the competition is customer service.  Lady Schep's Fabric and Design, LLC does not have exclusive prints.  We cannot sell our products for a loss.  We can't offer the greatest website on the internet.  What we can offer is a smile, a thank you and a personal response from either Nicolle or myself whenever you communicate with us.  If you want to be heard, we want to hear you.  We appreciate our customers very much and hope that we can earn your fabric business.

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